The African Journal of Corporate Governance Research (AJCGR) provides an open-access platform for publishing peer reviewed high-quality impact and original manuscripts in the corporate governance field. The journal is committed to the development of the science and practices of corporate governance in the African continent and the world at large. 

The AJCGR thus provide an international platform that can be summarised as deeply concerned with the promotion of strategic global financial stability through embedding good corporate governance, enterprise risk management and assurance.

The AJCGR covers the main corporate governance issues such as Board composition and practices, Board diversity, Control and regulation, Corporate ethics , Corporate social responsibility, Disclosure and transparency, Leadership, SME governance, NGO governance, State Owned Entities Governance, Governance in the public sector, Regulation and practices, Risk management and assurance, IT governance, Computer Auditing, integrated reporting, Shareholder activism, Sustainability accounting and reporting, Taxation for sustainable governance, Taxation and business survival and Business tax risk management.