Editorial Board Members

One of the greatest strength of AJCGR is that it has successfully attracted a team of duly qualified reviewers who are committed to enhancing the quality of each research paper from their wealth of experience. The mandate of the board includes ensuring the papers reviewed by them merit being published. Two independent reviewers are appointed based on their areas of specialization to guarantee quality and objectivity. They are expected to review research papers assigned to them and submit a report within the stipulated time.

Particular attention is given to:

  • Flaws: The reviewer is expected to clearly point out the specific flaws in any paper reviewed by him or her in relation to the structure, the methods, interpretation of results and reasonableness of the conclusion and recommendations by the author.
  • Originality: Members of editorial board work to ensure the papers are original work of the authors. Where multiple authors are involved, the board ensures the contribution of each author is duly established
  • Timeliness: The board works to meet up with the deadline required for each review. By this, timely comments are communicated to the authors
  • Clarity of Report: The board has the mandate to return a clear and comprehensive report that could enhance the quality of each paper.

Advisory Role: Members of the board could also advise the Editors-in-Chief on publication decision, especially, where the paper does not fall within the scope of the journal