Publication policy

The decision to publish any article resides with the Editor-in-Chief who also is also strictly guided by the terms and condition contained in the Editorial Policy. The policy addresses the legal implication of libel, copyright infringement and plagiarism. The AFRICAN Journal of Corporate Governance Research (AJCGR) has zero tolerance for any of the aforementioned academic vices and crimes.

Authors are to note that papers that fall within the scope of AJCGR and also meet the required editorial and publication standard would be recommended for publication in the AJCGR.

Upon receipt of letter of acceptance by successful authors, it is mandatory that authors attend to any issue(s) pointed out by reviewers.

Papers that would be considered for publication by AJCGR must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Single submission: Authors are advised to ensure that the papers they are submitting to AJCGR have not been previously submitted to any other journal.
  • Quality: The paper must be of high quality.
  • Originality versus Plagiarism: Prospective authors are to be cautious enough to accord necessary credit to the owners of the original idea(s) borrowed in the course of their writing by properly citing the authors in an acceptable format specified in the authors’ guidelines.
  • Error: At any point or stage of publication, authors are to promptly inform the publisher or the editor in chief of any error in the paper submitted or already published for necessary correction or retraction.
  • Compliance with Paper Guidelines: Authors are satisfactorily adhere to the stated instructions to have their papers published in the AJCGR.

Review Process Policy

The AFRICAN Journal of Corporate Governance Research (AJCGR) is a peer-reviewed journal by qualified peer reviewer in accounting subject areas. Papers that fail to comply with the journal’s requirements would be declined at the first stage of review. For qualified papers, the reviewers’ comments would be communicated to the corresponding author within three weeks while Authors are expected to return the revised version within three weeks.

Where the authors of an accepted paper(s) fail to meet the requirements and/or deadline for submission of a revised version of their paper(s) such papers would be placed on the awaiting list within the stipulated time after which the paper would be delisted. Authors cannot re-submit the same paper to another Journal without a written letter of withdrawal which must clearly state the acceptable reasons for such withdrawal.